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Ensuring the Safety and Security of Frozen Lung Cancer Tissue Collections through the Encapsulation of Dried DNA

Cancers 2018, 10, 195; doi:10.3390/cancers10060195
Washetine, K., M. Kara-Borni, S. Heeke, C. Bonnetaud, J.-M. Félix, L. Ribeyre, C. Bence, M. Ilié, O. Bordone, M. Pedro, P. Maitre, V. Tanga, E. Gormally, P. Mossuz, P. Lorimier, C. H. Marquette, J. Mouroux, C. Cohen, S. Lassalle, E. Long-Mira, B. Clément, G. Dagher, V. Hofman and P. Hofman
Collected specimens …Lire la suite

Long-Term Room Temperature Storage of Dry Ribonucleic Acid for Use in RNA-seq Analysis

Biopreservation and Biobanking Vol. 15, No. 6
Li Qiyuan, Wang Xian, Liu Xiaopan, Liao Qiuyan, Sun Jianbo, He Xuheng, Yang Ting, Yin Jiefang, Jia Jia, Li Xue, Colotte Marthe, and Bonnet Jacques
RNA is an essential biological material for research in genomics and translational medicine. As such, its storage for biobanking is an important field of study. …Lire la suite

High DNA stability in white blood cells and buffy coat lysates stored at ambient temperature under anoxic and anhydrous atmosphere

PLoS ONE 12(11): e0188547
Anne-Lise Fabre, Aurélie Luis, Marthe Colotte, Sophie Tuffet, Jacques Bonnet 
Conventional storage of blood-derived fractions relies on cold. However, lately, ambient temperature preservation has been evaluated by several independent institutions that see economic and logistic advantages in getting rid of the cold chain. Here we validated a novel procedure for ambient temperature preservation …Lire la suite